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CJ Horton

Hi! I'm CJ. I make web things.

More specifically, I'm a full stack developer working with Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Angular, and more.

  1. LegisLately

    walkthrough of LegisLately's search and newsfeed functions

    (Angular | Javascript | Ruby | Rails | Devise | Postgres | Bootstrap)

    LegisLately is a fun little app that was definitely not inspired by current events. Users can search for their elected representatives and follow them to get a newsfeed of recent votes and activity.

    The meat of this app is in the front end, an SPA built in AngularJS 1.5 and styled with Bootstrap and Sass. The back end is an API-only Rails application that mostly exists to handle data from two external APIs - the ProPublica Congress API and the Google Civic Information API. The PostgreSQL database's job is simply to hang on to users' credentials and information on who they follow.

    live version || code || blog post

  2. FlatCollab

    a FlatCollab task list

    (Ruby | Rails | Devise | Postgres | Semantic UI)

    FlatCollab is a stylish, lightweight collaboration app I made for my fellow students at the Flatiron School. It's built with Ruby on Rails and uses Devise and Omniauth for authentication. Postgres (via ActiveRecord) adds database support. The frontend is a single-page app built in jQuery (hey, it was an experiment!). The styling is based on Semantic UI.

    live version || code || blog part I (Rails) || blog part II (JavaScript)

  3. Jobby

    Jobby's home screen

    (Ruby | Sinatra | bcrypt | SQLite3 | Bootstrap)

    Jobby is a job application tracking app built in Sinatra (and Ruby) with bcrypt for authentication, ActiveRecord, and SQLite3. I used Bootstrap for the responsive front end. And yes, it's named after the house elf!

    code || blog post

  4. What's On Netflix

    Command line interface in action

    (Ruby | Nokogiri)

    What's On Netflix is a CLI web scraper written in Ruby, with scraping capabilities provided by Nokogiri. It's packaged as a gem and available through

    RubyGems page || code || blog post

  5. Toast Quotes

    One of many great quotes from

    (Javascript | Bootstrap)

    My first interactive web project, this page displays random quotes from, an internet favorite of mine that closed its figurative doors in July 2016. The responsive layout is built with Bootstrap and Javascript.

    live version || code